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» ასტროლოგია ქანდაკებებში და არქიტექტურაში

ასტროლოგია ქანდაკებებში და არქიტექტურაში

 Zodiac Sundial in Alsace, France


Zodiac signs at the Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway


Zodiac Fountain in Yerewan, Armenia


Exterior relief of Corvisart Métro station, withe zodiac signs, Boulevard Auguste Blanqui, Paris (1st arr.)


Atlas Fountain at Castle Howard, England.


Zodiac fountain in Almaty, Kazakhstan


Statue of Atlas Fountain with zodiac signs at Castle Howard, UK


Zodiac signs on buildings in Paris, France



Sundial (1903), Alexander Stirling Calder (1870-1945)


Zodiac globe from a french clock, early 19th century



Relief of Mercury (or of Hermes) at Obchodní akademie (Business Academy) building, at tř. Spojenců 11 in Olomouc. The God is wearing winged cap (petasus), wearing winged sandals (talaria), and carrying his staff caduceus and a winged wheel


Atlas was a god in ancient Greek mythology. He belonged to a group of god called the Titans


Paul Manship, Cycle of Life (Armillary Sphere), 1924



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